Monday, March 14, 2011

Clean Out Your Closet Week

This week is . . .

Clean Out Your Closet Week
Spring is time for baseball, softball, soccer, gardens, pollen . . . and cleaning out your closets!!!  It’s time to get rid of that stuff you have been hiding in your closets.  Things you haven’t used in years.  You know you have a few items in your closets (or more then a few) that you haven’t touched in years -- a bowling ball, broken vacuum, extra vacuum, coats that haven’t fit you or your kids in years, suits that don’t fit, old prom/dance dresses, clothes that you hope to fit into, however you haven’t been that size in many years! 
Clear out the old to get rid of the visual, stressful clutter.  What an amazingly FREEING experience – I promise you.  You won’t miss the stuff.  It’s only stuff.  Stuff you haven’t thought about in YEARS. 
Take this week to clear out the CLUTTER and create order & less stress by cleaning out those closets.  Start with a small area. 


Don’t try to tackle every closet in your house in one week – or even one closet in one day.  Begin with the items on the rod, or in a drawer, or on the shelf, or everything on the floor.  Once you’ve gone through everything in the closet, then organize it the way you want it.  Make it FLOW for your family.  Add shelves, containers , baskets or drawers if needed.
Ask yourself some questions when going through your stuff.  When did you use it last?  What is the worst thing that would happen if you got rid of it?  When will you use it again?  Does it serve purpose in your life?  Then ask yourself this – it is beautiful, useful or loved?  If it doesn’t fit into any of these three categories then why keep it? 

What are you hiding in your closets?

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