Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Organize Your Busy Schedule

In today’s busy world it’s hard for parents to find time to do everything.  The kids are heading in every direction, parents are stressed and family quality time takes a back seat.  Many of us feel that nothing ever gets done.

  • MAKE A SCHEDULE - Make sure to post everyone’s schedule for the family to see.   When everyone is prepared for what is to come there is usually less stress around the schedule.  If you are planning on quality family time, block it off on the calendar and do not break it. 
  • BE PREPARED TO BE FLEXIBLE – Have a pajama day from time to time.  You need to break from the chaos every now and then to get a breather.  The key in being flexible is to have a goal and do you best.  Don’t strive for perfection.
  • GET SLEEP - Lack of sleep will ruin your day and your families. 
  • UTILIZE THE FAMILY – You can’t expect to do everything yourself.  Even though you might feel it’s your duty or you’re just a control freak, make sure to train your children to get their selves ready in the morning.  Prepare them slowly to be more independent.  Have them make their own breakfast, help with laundry, brush their own teeth . . . whatever their age there is always something they can help you with.
  • PARE DOWN YOUR SCHEDULE – It’s ok to say NO to a social engagement, play date, another kid’s birthday party, or an extra sport practice.  It’s ok to only sign your child up for one activity or sport per season.  Committing you & your child to too many activities will run everyone down & put stress on your family’s relationships.  If your child is always complaining about going to practice, dance class, etc. then maybe they really don’t want to be involved in that activity.  Maybe they just want to spend quality time with you!
  • HOME SCHEDULE – Make sure to make this a priority for your children.  Have them do their homework at the same time every day.  Let them know that there is no playing etc. if they haven’t finished their homework.  Make sure they know exactly what their consequence will be.  Most of all, stick to that consequence!
  • MAKE DINNER AN OPPORTUNITY – Invite your children to help plan and prepare dinner.  Make it fun.  Use the time eating together as an opportunity to ask questions about the day.  Some parents have their children do their homework while dinner is being prepared.  This is a great multitasking opportunity.
  • CLEAN UP AND PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE – Make sure that all children clean up everything every night.  Once they get in this habit it will only take a few minutes every night.  Make it fun & help out a little yourself, and then maybe they won’t think of it too much as a chore.  This makes less for you to clean up!   It’s also very helpful to pack up backpacks, sign planner, lay out clothes, pack lunches, and set out important items by the door (like library books, projects to be handed in etc.)  This will make for a stress-free morning.  Trust me it works!

How do you organize your family's busy schedule?

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