Monday, January 10, 2011

A new year . . . a new beginning (& wrapping paper)

What a year already . . .

Normally I blog Monday - Friday, as well as, feature a Storage Solution every Wednesday.  If you follow my blog at all, you're probably wondering where I have been this year.  I took some time off at the end of the year to enjoy the holidays with my children.  Then when the new year rolled around there was something that happened that you just can't prepare yourself for.  My "day job" suffered a great tragedy last week.  Our office had a fire.  Tomorrow I start in our temporary, new office building . . . with nothing.  As an Accountant, I just can't imagine going to work & not being surrounded by tons of paperwork.  So just bear with me as I get my daily life back to some sort of normal, familiar routine.

On another note, this year I have 2 new hopes for my blog.  One for my blog to become a little more personal.  Most of the organizing tips I share, I have tried myself or are part of my daily life.  So far there isn't much that I have blogged about, that I haven't at least tried once.  Secondly, I would like my blog to become more interactive.  I would love more feedback and/or interaction with my followers.  Hopefully I will be able to fullfil these hopes this year. 

Let's start now shall we . . .

Here's an organizing tip that I've only shared with one person so far.  I'm always looking for a bargin.  One thing you should never pay full price for is Christmas wrapping paper.  About every 3 years or so I buy clearance wrapping paper.  Usually about 50%-90% off.  At least 15 rolls or more.  I know, you're thinking . . . oh my what clutter!  How do you store all that?

Start by making sure you have a wrapping paper storage tote. 
Specialized storage containers are a must to maximize space. 

When buying Christmas wrapping paper only choose about 3-5 designs.
I try to stick with about 3 designs.

I then take the like designs & roll them all together to make one big roll. 

By doing this you can actually fit all of your bargin post
Christmas finds into that Specialized storage container.


What are some of your Christmas storage ideas?

P.S.  Organized people have home organizing projects too.  Here's the present state of my dining room, which has become a dumping ground for my post Christmas bargin finds.  I found some amazing stuff for pennies on the dollar!  Have I mentioned that I love a good bargin?!  My post Christmas clearance shopping usually takes care of at least half of my Christmas gift list, as well as, some items that I came make into crafts or gifts to sale at flea markets.  If not organized correctly it could cost me time & money.  I pack & label at least one bin as "Christmas presents" so come next Christmas I know who I have already bought for & I know exactly where those presents are.  I add to these bin(s) through out the year.  Now just to find the time to organize it  ; -)

Happy Organizing


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