Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Just Do It!"

I hope everyone had an amazing stress free holiday!  I know I did!  If you didn’t, then maybe you can use some of my Holiday Organizing tips next year.  ;-)

It’s January . . . which is Get Organized Month by the way ;-) . . . so it’s time to start fresh & get organized.  When you’re organized your life is so much less stressful.

This year I will not only be blogging about Organizing Tips & Storage Solutions but I will also blog about things that have worked for me.  So let’s start now . . .


I say these words to myself many times a day . . . I start thinking to myself, “Oh I’ll just fold the laundry tomorrow” or “I’ll just pick up all this stuff in the living room tomorrow morning” . . . now I say to myself “Just Do It!” over and over again.  It’s my new theme.  It may seem simple (or annoying to some) but it’s working amazing!  I now start my day with all my laundry taken care of, mail put away, backpacks ready for the morning, the living room all cleaned up, as well as the kid’s room cleaned up.  When I wake up in the morning & know that my next day is organized I get an “Ahhhhhhhh” feeling.  It feels good doesn’t it?!

I know I’ll never get to that laundry tomorrow.  I’ll either be too tired or just won’t feel like it.  Then there will be two loads to fold!  And with picking up the living room & kid’s room . . . if we don’t take 2-5 minutes every night to do a quick clean it will cost me an hour or more of cleaning & who has time for that?! 

SO now I just suck it up & do it right then and there (or at the end of every night).  Why don’t you try it & see if it reduces any stress.  It worked for me . . . maybe it will work for you!  :-)

P.S.  My new website is almost ready to launch!!!  I'm so excited!

Happy Organizing


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