Monday, November 15, 2010

Ways to simplify your budget: Live on cash

Withdraw cash each budget period equal to your variable expenses.  This is what you will use for every variable expense.  The important thing to remember is that once the cash is gone – it’s gone.  You need to make it last for the entire budget period.  Some people use envelopes for each variable expense category while others just lump it all together, giving you a new found sense of flexibility.  Use coupons to save money & make your dollar go further.  Leave your debit & credit cards
at home.  Don’t be tempted.

Studies have shown that people who spend cash instead of debit or credit cards on average spend 18-28% less.  That is true of every category of spending, even clothes and groceries.  By spending cash you have to think about making each purchase, and have the emotional response of giving up cash.

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