Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Organize Your Yard Sale to Generate More Sales

The more organized you are, the more sales you will make.  Trust me, I've done well over 15+ yard sale/flea markets in the last few years.  So I would like to share a few secrets with you.  I have way more but here are a few to start.

  1. Make your signs big and legible.  If people can't read them, or read them far away, then it's not worth even having them.
  2. Gathering things for your sale:  Make sure to group all like things together.  Set up boxes labeled "kitchen", "household" etc.  This will help in gathering process as well as the setting up process.  Selling like items together all in one spot will increase your sells (I promise!!!)
  3. Put a price on every individual item before the day of the yard sale.  Use masking tape if needed & also put the size if it applies (this will cut down on people asking you the size or them needing to search for it)  Or sometimes I staple the price tag (for clothes or other items where a price tag just won't stay in place) 
    • For new items, I print out a sheet from online showing the product description & price.  Try to print it out from well known online stores like Amazon because their prices are reliable to the customer.  I'm ALWAYS able to get 50% of the price if not 75%!
    • For used items it's safe to ask for 1/4 of the price.   
  4. For clothes, I have found that hanging your clothes up on racks make it easier for people to go through. Other wise you will be continuously restraightening your clothes (because presentation is everything & the neater they are stacked the more you will sell - I promise!!!)  Also, make sure to have all the same sizes together with signage.  I ask $1 a piece unless it has a tag.  You will be surprised how much you will sell.  I almost sell all of my clothes (from me and my kids) everytime I yard sale.  It's a great money maker!  But they have to be organized!!!
  5. Arrange your big items at the end of the driveway or wherever the people will see them first.  This way when people drive by they will see "the good stuff" first & might stop by, instead of driving by.  People decide to stop, by what they see first. 
  6. Sell snacks & drinks.  If you have kids like me you already have these things on hand (so it's not an extra expense).  Put a few out & make some extra cash as well as keeping the customers happy & shopping!  Sounds silly but it really works (I promise!!!)
  7. Left overs:  Make sure to decide what you are doing with your leftovers.  I continue to go to flea markets so I organize everything back into their labeled boxes for my next sale & add to them thought out the season.  Then when you have your next yard sale everything is already organized & priced!  Storage away the same signage as well so you can use it next time.  If you want to donate everything, make sure to know where you want to donate it to.  If you want it picked up, make sure to make the call a few days before your yard sale so that they can come pick up your clutter the next day.  If you are dropping it off at a place like Goodwill make sure to load up your car(s) that day & drop it off.  Clutter be gone!

Trust me!  I've been "one of the most organized yard salers" anyone has ever seen.  Or so I have been told ;-)  I have a yard sale/flea market this weekend at the Magnolia, NJ train station.  If you want to see "the most organized yard saler" ever then come see me.  You can't miss me.  I will have everything organized in groups with lots of signage!  Think some of my yard sale tips are crazy . . . I dare you to try them.  I promise you it's worth the time to organize everything & get down to the details.  Not only will you make more money but you will get rid of way more stuff!  I promise!!!


Happy Yard Sale Organizing,


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