Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One This Day ~ Book Lovers Day

Funny how today is Book Lovers Day & I just started working at a book publishing company (which I love by the way)!  I prefer reading books on organizing (go figure) & Christian books. 

What do you like to read? 

What was your favorite book this summer? 

My favorite book this summer had to be "Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope" by Mary Beth Chapman. I could totally relate to her as she talked about how her husband & the things that happened in her life upset her orderly mental image of a quiet life.  I myself have an orderly mental image of life & God forbid it gets out of whack!  She tells us in a tender memoir how she was always taken out of her comfort zone & how tragedy struck her family.  She tells us about her hope, faith, and love.  It was an amazing book.

Anyways, back to Organizing!

How to Organize Your Books in 5 Simple Steps

Organizing your books can be a huge task.  Most people's book collections is very personal to them.  Some are cherished books, childhood classics, cookbooks, reference books, gifts etc.  There are also books that were purchased for the beach, book clubs, airplane flights, vacations, etc.  You may even have some books to look good for house guests but you know you will never actually read them!

Now is the time to cut the clutter and get rid of the ones hanging around taking up space.

 Step 1: Edit Your Collection
  • Separate your books into two piles: keep and toss.
  • Decide whether to sell or donate your toss pile.
Step 2: Donate

If you aren't going to take the time to post the books for sale online and mail them then don't hesitate to donate.
  • Libraries (town & school)
  • Charitable organizations
  • Senior centers
  • Local book drives
Step 3: Sell

You can list your books by searching by title or keyword, but I recommend using the ISBN, UPC, or ASIN. This way you know you've got the correct edition for sale.  Here are some options
  • Amazon.com
  • Ebay
  • Half.com
  • Craigslist
Step 4: Swap
Swapping is a hassle-free way to reuse and recycle books. Here are some options:
Step 5: Store
Once you have cut down the clutter you need to store and/or display them properly.
  • Cookbooks - Store cookbooks in the kitchen. Keep the ones you use regularly very close at hand. The others can be stored away in a drawer.
  • Classics and Favorites - Keep all your books together.  Keep them on a book shelf or in a basket in the bedroom.
  • Reference - Store reference books in your office or desk area. 
Some ideas on how to store your books:
  • Traditional or customer bookcase
  • Arranged creatively stacked on your mantel or entertainment center
  • Next to your favorite reading chair or on a coffee table in a basket or bin

Happy Book Lovers Day,

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