Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simplify Your Life ~ School work binders

Not sure what to do with all those papers your kids will start bringing home soon?  It will be here before you know it!  Get yourself set up & organized before the school year starts.  At my house we organize the kid's school work, flyer's, report cards etc in 3-ring binders.  Every Friday I go through their Friday folders and decide what will be saved & what can be tossed.  Art work & projects will be discussed another day.  Find some binders now while school supplies are on sale.  Get some dividers as well, so you can make tabs for Math, Science, Social Studies, Flyer's etc.  A divider that also acts as a folder are great for report cards.  Make sure to label the dividers before you start using your binder.  Keep up with your filing every week.  Sometimes I feel behind a week I will have to admit.  Keeping your child's school work clutter in check will save your sanity.  Keep the paperwork off of your kitchen table & off of your computer desk.

Each child gets a binder.  Limit yourself to only keeping what will fit into their binder. Each kid gets to pick what is saved and what is thrown away (depending on the age & if they even care!)  The keepers are punched with a three hole punch and are placed into the binder. The throwaways, if need be, can be laid out on the floor so you can take a picture of them (this is mostly for products, art work, or papers you were on the border with).  Make sure to recycle the papers.  The pictures can be added to the front or back of the binder.  Label each binder with the name of the child, school year & grade.  File them on the shelf.

I love looking back & seeing their old, scribbly handwritting, artworks, & reading their funny stories that they have written.  The kids get a kick out of looking at their past work as well.  You might also want to put their school yearbook in the back of the binder.

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