Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Other Things You Can Put in the Dishwasher

There are a few things you can wash in a dishwasher besides dishes. This means that in many cases, you can combine some cleaning jobs with your regular dishwashing, saving you time and money on your water and electricity or gas bill. The dishwasher can also give a really thorough cleaning to some yucky items around the house that might a good cleaning.  Not all of these items can or should be washed alongside your dishes or pots and pans.

Other Things You Can Put in the Dishwasher:

Hairbrushes and combs made of plastic can take a spin, but not wood or natural boar-bristle brushes. Be sure to remove all the hair first to protect the drain.

Fan grilles, switch plates, and vent covers are in if they’re plastic, aluminum, or steel. Enameled, painted, or plated should stay out.

Sports equipment like shin guards, knee pads, mouth guards, golf balls and other plastic sports equipment can be run through a dishwasher on a normal cycle. Skip the dry cycle.

Soap dishes, toothbrush holders, other bathroom items and other personal care items that get gunky or filmy over time can be run through a normal cycle on the top rack, along with your other dishes on a routine dishwashing.

Shoes, sneakers, crocs and sandals can generally be run through the dishwasher. Avoid putting shoes with suede, leather or wood parts into the dishwasher, as they can shrink and/or crack.

Plastic baby toys, Teething rings and other plastic toys babies put in their mouths deserve a good cleaning. Put them in the dishwasher basket or in a mesh bag on the top rack and wash them along with the regular dishes.

Fake plastic flowers can be run through a normal cycle to restore their original luster. Make sure every part of the fake plant is plastic – sometimes they have paper stems (but you may be able to pop the plastic petal part off, wash it, and pop it right back on).

Sponges and dish brushes along with a regular dishwashing on a normal cycle, throw in your sponges and brushes for dishes to give them a thorough cleaning and, in the case of the sponges, remove the bacteria so they’ll be safe to use until they start falling apart.

Ziploc bags can take a trip through the dishwasher to give used Ziploc bags a good cleaning. Just make sure you spread the bag open on some prongs, so the water gets down in it completely.

Bathroom wastebaskets can collect some nasty gunk over time. Fit them into the dishwasher (you may need to remove the top rack) and run them through a normal cycle.

Happy Cleaning!


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