Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrapbooking - Organizing a scrapbook room/area

Do you wish you were getting more scrapbooking done?  

Is your obstacle
  • Time
  • Disorganization
  • Creativity
  • or are you overwhelmed?
I think I currently have all of those obstacles! 

Do you buy supplies even though your current supplies are in disarray?  You might feel overwhelmed because your supplies are in no kind of order and are all over the place.
Organizing a scrapbook area/room is overwhelming but it can be done. It takes patience just like any other organizing project. But in the end you will not believe how you ever got along without an organized space.

Decide on a space - Don't have a scrapbook room?  No problem.  Dedicate a space in your home for scrapbooking/crafting.  Every space in your home has the potential to become a storage area for scrapbook supplies.

Assess Inventory - Spread out all of your inventory & assess what you have.  Chances are you have items that are not in good condition or items that you will never use.  If they are in good working condition consider giving them to a follow scrapbooker, box them up & sell them at a yard sale or donate them.  Some places that might be interested in your excess scrapbooking supplies are:  teachers, schools, day care center, retirement centers, nursing homes, or art-therapy centers.  As for the items that you plan on keeping, divide them into categories such as paper, ribbon, stamps, scissors, pens, embellishments etc.  After placing them into categories divide them further by color or by theme.

Plan - Once you have everything into sorted piles you need to decide where you would like everything to go.  Do you have furniture or storage to house all of your scrapbook supplies.  Sometimes it's easier to purchase storage containers once you know exactly the amount of items you have in each category.  Remember to allow some extra space to allow for new supplies.  Also, keep the items that you use the most closest to you for easier access.

Implement - Now is the time to implement your storage plan.  Gather all of your items & place them in the appropriate containers.

Evaluate - As you use your space, evaluate it to make sure that it works for you.  If you keep reaching for an item in an inconvenient place then make adjustments as necessary.

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