Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Storing Holiday Decorations: Take pictures


Does just the thought of getting out all of your holiday decorations stress you out?  Lights will probably be tangled or not working.  Some ornaments & figurines are bound to be broken.  Then, once you get everything out of the attic or basement, you have to decide what goes where.

Avoid these Holiday decorating dilemmas by storing your decorations properly.  Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you some tips that will help you with your Holiday frustrations.  Just a few extra minutes & specialty storage solutions can save hours of frustrating work the next year.


You’re probably scratching your head, aren’t you?  Well, there is always a method to my madness.  Like I’ve said before, just a few extra minutes can go a long way!  Trust me . . .

If you’re satisfied with your holiday decorations then take pictures of all your hard work so that next year you won’t have to rely on your memory!  Not only should you store the photos on your computers hard drive but also print them out.  Why you ask?  Place the copies into each storage bin that they refer too (right on the inside, top of the container –OR- tape it to the top or front of the container).  Have a storage bin for each room.  Or you can organize them by type (example: serving dishes/bowls, wall decorations, floor decorations, kid’s decorations or maybe even work decorations).  Having pictures can also let your little ones help decorate just the way you like it!  Make it a game.  Have them find the decorations in that storage bin & have them put them in the correct spots (minus them asking every two seconds “Mommy mommy, where does this go?”).  They will have a blast & you will also get some “real” help next year!  Sounds fabulous right?

Having pictures will remind you where you have placed things in the past, and each year you can make improvements until it’s just the way you like it!  Without pictures, you have to start from “scratch” each year.  You can also use the pictures when buying new Holiday decorations.  We all know that Holiday decorations come out right around Halloween these days.  It’s so hard shopping for Holiday decorations when you can’t even remember what you have!  Pull out the pictures (or send them to your phone for easy preview & then you will always have them on you) and use them well shopping for that perfect addition to your Holiday decoration collection.

What things does your family do to help ease decorating your house every year?

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