Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make an Organized Thanksgiving Bin

I use plastic bins to organize all my holiday decorations.  Designate specific colored plastic storage bins for distinct purposes.  Have you ever thought about making a Thanksgiving storage bin?  This is the perfect time to get a Orange or Brown 18-gallons storage tote.  Buy your bins NOW because after the holiday they are usually already gone.  Don't store your decorations in cardboard boxes -- one they aren't sturdy & two they don't protect against water and moisture. They are definitely worth the investment.

What should you put in your Thanksgiving storage bin?  Maybe some copies of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  How many times have you been scrambling through your recipes and/or cookbooks looking for Grandma's handed down recipe?  How about storing that electric knife, that you may only use once a year.  Don't forget your Thanksgiving decorations, special bowls, Thanksgiving table cloth & your turkey platter.

Holiday storage bins make things so easy.  Also, when they are color coded you can find them faster.  No more looking through bins and boxes trying to find your holiday decorations.  Don't forget to label each bin.  Want to get even more organized?  Make a list of  the contents inside.  Tape the list to the front of the box or place it inside the container on top of the contents.  You can also take a picture of the contains & tape it to the front.  All of these suggestions are effective.  Find the one that works best for you.

These are just a few little tricks that I use to decrease the stress for the holidays . . . even Thanksgiving!  I'm all about making things easier & decreasing stress.  What whys do you organize for Thanksgiving?  How could this prep stage make your Thanksgiving a little more organized?

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