Monday, November 29, 2010

Label . . . Label . . . Label

Remember those collapsible fabric cube bins that I LOVE?!?!  They are perfect for organizing & storing craft supplies and/or kids toys.  Here’s a labeling idea that I adore.  Labeling helps you find things quickly and easily.  It is also a huge help when your kids have to clean up.  This way they know exactly where to put them back where they belong.  Try turning clean up time into a game.  This makes clean up time less of a chore for everyone!

So I’ve been getting inspired from other people’s blogs.  Here’s a labeling idea that I found, what I LOVE.  Getting labels to “stay” on fabric cubes can be a challenge.  Print out labels on cardstock (or have your kids decorate their own labels) & then have them lamented.  Then adhere Velcro dots to the back of the labels. 

For kids, you can lament blank cardstock & then use Dry Erase markers on the labels.  If they can’t read/write yet then they can color a picture of what is in each bin.  You can also take a picture of what is in each bin, then print out the photo & adhere that to the bin.   Make sure they are a part of your organizing efforts.  This will help encourage them to clean up & will also give them pride in keeping their area organizing.  If you make it simple for them to understand & they know what is expected of them, then they are more willing to participate in putting away their things.  Try it!  What do you have to lose???

All of the supplies (cardstock, lamenter, Dry Erase markers & Velcro dots) can all be purchased at your local Walmart.  This is a very inexpensive & sturdy way of labeling fabric bins, as well as plastic bins.

Happy Labeling!

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