Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Organized for Thanksgiving - Hosting dinner

Decorating & cleaning should be done or almost done.  How about your fridge?  Did you make room for your turkey & leftovers on "Clean Out Your Fridge Day"?  If not, make sure to clean your fridge.  Now is a great time to do it.  Make sure to inventory your cookware.  Where is your roasting pan or carving knife?  Do you have enough serving utensils, platters, place settings?  Take an inventory before the big day arrives & gather everything together.  This way you’re not searching for them on the big day.  Moving onto leftovers . . . the words Thanksgiving and leftovers go together. You won't be eating turkey sandwiches for the remainder of the week if you have nothing to store the leftover turkey in.  If you plan to send some leftovers home with the guests, make sure you have some "throw-away" containers that you can pack for them to take and keep. 

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