Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simplify your kids clothing

Keep their wardrobe simple.  Buy clothes for your kids that will match easily (similar color schemes, solid colored clothes, etc) If your child’s clothes don’t fit neatly in their drawers, you have too many clothes.  How many pairs of jeans does one child need?!  Don’t stuff drawers, or you’ll make it hard to find stuff. 

When you buy something new, use “The One in, One Out Rule”.  For example, let say only 5 pair of jeans fit neatly in the draw & that’s the number you chose to keep thing clutter free.  Then for every new pair of jeans you bring in, an old pair of jeans you must donate/sell.  The “One in, One Out” rule will help you to keep your fantastic results after decluttering by maintaining the level of your stuff. We don’t want our possessions to be in charge of us!

Go through their clothes every few months or at least at the beginning & end of each season.  Donate old clothes right after you go through them.  If you’re passing them onto younger siblings store them in a Rubbermaid tote & label clearly.  Store one size per box or lay tissue paper in between each size, leaving an index card on top of each different layer.  To keep them smelling fresh through in a few dryer sheets (my grandmother taught me that one!)  Under-the-bed totes are great if you don’t have the storage space for off season clothes.  Then they are easily accessible during those unseasonably cold or hot days and vacations.  

Also, socks are usually a challenge.  Where do all those missing socks go?  Buy all white matching socks.  This way the kids just grab them & go.  No matching required, just throw them all in a small basket/plastic container that fit neatly in their clothes drawer.  The same can be done for underwear.  Have the kids help you put their socks & underwear away.  They will love putting them in the correct basket.

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