Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to Prepare For Grocery Shopping & Save Money

Do you feel that you might not have enough time to make a grocery shopping list or "prepare" for grocery shopping? If you take the time to prepare for grocery shopping, then you will indeed save time & lots of money. I generally save on average, 50% every time I prepare before going grocery shopping.

Here are some tips:

• Before you visit the grocery store scan your pantry, fridge & freezer.

• Make a list of only the stuff you need.

• Always prepare a list; your memory will always fail you.

• Keep a pencil & magnetic list on the fridge. When you run out of something write it on the list.

• Meal plan for the week. Don't forget to consider your family schedule (sports games, dance class, etc.)

• Cut out coupons (online & Sunday paper coupons). Most grocery stores double coupons up to $1.00! I will blog about this more in the future.

• Review the grocery store circular when making your list. At least 75% of the items I buy are on sale. Also, find all the sales that go along with those wonderful coupons that you found prior to going grocery shopping. Most Sunday paper coupons coincide with sale items at the grocery store.

• Remember your loss leaders. Every store has those items on which they take a hit to lure in customers. While you shouldn't buy an item just because it is a loss leader, it can be a substitute for a higher-priced item.

• Eat! Never shop on an empty stomach. Shopping on an empty stomach could cause you to spend double on groceries.

• Avoid impulse shopping by sticking to your list.

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